Selangkah Ke Alam Perkahwinan

Eventhough dah agak lama cerita ni, still want to share with all my friends. Basically there is no different (for me) wheter you engaged or not, cause the restriction and batas2 still the same. But of course for men's future wives, they have additional ring in their fingers after engagement.

Ahha .. this is our cake. Cake ni tak tau la sedap ke tak. But the most important thing is the date on the cake. I will remember it as long as i can.

And .. today .. dah cukup sebulan :D

ill try my hard to finished this blog as i want to show her (even though she don't know my blog add).

So, bleh sembang pasal insan yang dah berstatus tunang aku ni tak skit? hehe

  1. I like how the way she is. Cara dia senyum. Cara dia cakap. Always have confident in her as long as you don't argue her arguments or ideas. Haha.
  2. She is brave enoff to argue me. Bile dia rasa tak brapa setuju, she will always throw back her opinion on that particular subjects. She will not swallow all my thought if she thinks there is something wrong in it.
  3. Simple woman. Yes simple in subjective. But for me, she is always perfect to me and suit me well. Doesn't like to spare on hi-end brands, on unimportant things and the most important things, she knows me well as we doesn't have to meet/dating often. Very understanding and simplistic girl.
  4. Have her own target in life. What is her targets? Top Secret! As long as it is beneficial to herself, ill always support her.
  5. Friendly~! Even in new envoirement, she will always better than me in terms of ta'aruf and public speaking.
  6. Learnability. Always good in learning theory than me. What ever theory given by teacher/lecturer.
Ahha, enoff for now i think. Save for other post. Kembang plak nanti. eheh. :D

Happy 1 months old engagement.


farhana berkata…
~I like this post. heheheh~
thanks dear...

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