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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Assalamualaikum Pok Leh

Once somebody talk about politics, "Assalamulaikum Pok Leh" will whispering to me. Haha. Yeah, it is malaysianews video.

Malaysian~! Just remember this:

Pok Leh said "No. I am not getting married."
Rsult: Just Married :D

Pok Leh said "I will not dissolve Parliament." (remember or not dis 1??)
Result: Next day he dissolves Parliament.

Pok Leh said "There will be no fuel price increase near future."
Result: RM2.70 per litre!

After fuel price hiked still he said "There will be no fuel price increase near future." :D Thanks~!

Result of fuel/beras naik = >6% inflation (where in th year 1998 is the last inflation rate go above 6%). Barang sure cannot buy nowadays. People desprately involve in Skim Cepat Kaya. And the worst consequence from this is for those who didnt used Islamic loan! YeY. Keep it good work~! your chorus line superb~! Hidup Be End~!

Muhyidin Yassin, Please, we want you to be our next PM (for a while, no one else better for this position). Ashamed oredi with foreign country. Their laughing at us.

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